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IROMEC - Interactive RObotic social MEdiators as Companions

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State of the art research emphasises the important role of play in child development as a crucial vehicle for learning about the physical and social environment, the self, and for developing social relationships.

IROMEC targets children who are prevented from playing, either due to cognitive, developmental or physical impairments which affect their playing skills, leading to general impairments in their learning potential and more specifically resulting in isolation from the social environment.

IROMEC will investigate how robotic toys can provide opportunities for learning and enjoyment. The developed robotic system will be tailored towards becoming a social mediator, empowering children with disabilities to discover the range of play styles from solitary to social and cooperative play. Robustness, dependability as well as “plug&play” operation of the robot system are specially addressed.

IROMEC is a Specific Targeted Research Project (contract number IST-FP6-045356) co-funded by the European Commission within the RTD activities of the Strategic Objective SO 2.6.1 “Advanced Robotics” of the 6th Framework Programme.



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